Data Privacy

Data Privacy (GDPR) Maturity Assessment

The European Union launched the Data Privacy Act (GDPR) in 2016 to protect the data integrity of its citizens. The GDPR act went live May 2018 but still many organisations are struggling to understand and comply with the GDPR requirements. Not complying to the requirements will potentially result in a heavy fee equals of 4% of organisation annual turn-over.

During the last year, The Goodwind Company has researched all available documentation issues by EU regarding GDPR to understand the requirements for GDPR compliance. The Goodwind Company has also studied ISO standards, GDPR handbook and local regulations. The research is the basis Data Privacy (GDPR) Maturity Assessment.

The outcome of the Data Privacy (GDPR) Maturity Assessment is a mapping of strengths and weaknesses relating to EU regulations, and a concrete roadmap for obtaining GDPR compliance.

Duration: 10 days (Rapid Assessment)

Price: 15,000 EUR excluding VAT and expenses

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