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GooDIGITAL Framework 1.4 New Release!!

Reveals why some companies and organisations are more successful than others in Digital Transformation

The GooDIGITAL Framework has been developed by a network of experts, thought-leaders and senior consultants in digital transformation – based on more than 100 years of research and consulting.

Innovative Business Model: We believe in the power of employees to manage the digital acceleration without expensive consultants – with the right tools and framework.The Framework is available with silver, gold and platinum membership!
Pay for the GooDIGITAL modules and service you need!

Open Framework: The GooDIGITAL Framework 1.4 is an open framework that we share with companies and consultancy firms. We continuously develop the framework and add new modules for each version.We do the research, conceptualise, and you harvest the business benefits!

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GooDIGITAL Framework 1.4

The GooDIGITAL Framework was launched in 2017 by The Goodwind Company – and is used by companies and consultancy firms in the Nordics. The GooDIGITAL version 1.4 contains new modules, research/theory and case examples.

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GooDIGITAL 1.4 Promotion Offer

Unique offer to accelerate your digital transformation

  • Access to FIVE GooDIGITAL Modules
  • 3 hours of coaching/support per month
  • Free GooDIGITAL Introduction/training (8 hours)
  • Free Global Beehive Digest subscription 

PRICE: 995 EUR/month + VAT
(additional 10% discount for first 10 new customers)

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