Engagement 4.0: Mindfulness + Design Thinking + Culture Transformation Advisory

According to some polls somewhere by some very important agency, over 73% of people or so worldwide are unhappy with their jobs. They experience no motivation and no engagement at their place of work or in doing what they do or working for whom they work.

Unhappy and disengaged workers are a lot less resilient, a lot less creative and innovative, and a lot less productive.

….what can we do about the above? how can we help our friends, family, co-workers, and organizations do better by the people that work for them with respect to creating a more positive, engaging, and productive workplace? 

I propose implementing a series of programs that combine two of my favorite methodologies for pretty much anything: Design Thinking and Mindfulness Meditation. 

Mindfulness is the ultimate tool for achieving self-awareness and understanding of our innate strengths and talents; and design thinking is the most effective approach and methodology for empathizing with and tapping, in a systematic way, into the emotional sphere of stakeholders…[…]

It all indicates that, in general, People who engaged in mindfulness practices simply are able to maintain more peace of mind, focus better, and work better with their peers. 

Harvard Business Review recently published that “Design thinking has the potential to unleash people’s full creative energies, win their commitment, and radically improve processes.”

By using Design Thinking to discover those unarticulated needs and pains of our stakeholders, we are able to build solutions that are human-centered-designed and therefore, more effective. 

It all starts with the self-awareness gained through Mindfulness practice and continues on with the awareness of and empathy towards “the other” developed through Design Thinking.

Combine Design Thinking with the growing self-awareness and personal insights acquired through Mindfulness practices, and you have a sure-fire approach for transforming your organizational culture for the better.

Read the full article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/engagement-40-mindfulness-design-thinking-roi-mario-solis-burgos/

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