About The Global Beehive

The Global Beehive is an independent, non-commercial and non-profit portal for digital professionals!

We’re building a community of leaders, organisations and campaigners for digital transformation. Join our network and you’ll get access to news and new research, invitations to our events and campaigns, and opportunities to connect with leading organisations and experts across the world.

Our mission statement:

  • To bring people together for social and economic projects in Digital Transformation in Stockholm/Sweden and across the world
  • To back campaigns, commission reports and develop progressive networks to reshape digitalisation.
  • Work with civic organisations, and digital transformation communities and provide platforms to those seeking to benefit society, businesses and communities.
  • To combine analysis, campaigning and networking. It will shine a light on issues and seek to find solutions, offer space and generate ideas for the future that works for everyone.

Content Collaboration Partners

  • Institute for Digital Transformation (USA)
  • FutureShapers (UK)
  • DigitalProjectManager (Canada)
  • EnterpriseTimes (UK)
  • Beehive Expert Panel (Nordics)

The Global Beehive was founded by Hans Gillior and in 2020 with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of society, businesses and organisations – through collaboration and sharing of stories, insights and advice.

Do not hesitate to contact The Global Beehive if your company wishes to participate in the Global Beehive Community:

Managing Director: Hans Gillior Email: hans@globalbeehive.com

Partnership Director: Nathan Downs Email: nathan@globalbeehive.com

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