About The Global Beehive

The Global Beehive is an independent and non-profit knowledge exchange portal for digital leaders!

The Global Beehive is an independent and non-profit transformation platform for digital professionals. We believe in the power of networking and the sharing economy. It is a platform for sharing stories, insights and advice across corporate and cultural boarders. We change the society together!

The Global Beehive provides the latest articles, research, news and blogs in the field of digitalization from various sources.

Content Collaboration Partners

  • Institute for Digital Transformation (USA)
  • FutureShapers (UK)
  • DigitalProjectManager (Canada)
  • EnterpriseTimes (UK)
  • Beehive Expert Panel (Nordics)

The Global Beehive was founded by Hans Gillior and in 2020 with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of society, businesses and organisations – through collaboration and sharing of stories, insights and advice.

Do not hesitate to contact The Global Beehive if your company wishes to participate in the Global Beehive Community:

Managing Director: Hans Gillior Email: hans@globalbeehive.com

Partnership Director: Nathan Downs Email: nathan@globalbeehive.com