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Prepare for meetings like a surgeon

Source: The Future Shapers // Author: Douglas Ferguson Imagine. You are going in for surgery. Before you get put under by the anesthesiologist, you ask if the surgeon and team are good to go. The anesthesiologist says, “I think so, but I am not really sure. They will likely just wing it.” Would you want […]

Global Beehive Talk: Mathias Cöster

Source: Global Beehive // Author: Hans Gillior Global Beehive Talk with Mathias Cöster – Researcher at Centre for Advanced Studies of Innovative Price models and Uppsala University. Listen to Mathias reflect on digitalization, business/pricing models and its effects on public service. Enjoy!


Source: The Future Shapers // Author: Richard Hames As conspiracy theories circulate, churning around every conceivable deceit — from the origin of SARS-CoV-2, disinformation regarding mask-wearing, and the imposition of martial law, to the anti-vaxxer campaigns and supposed threat to public health from the 5G radiation spectrum — I am motivated to examine the more […]

Preparing for a different kind of planning during COVID-19 and beyond

Published by Enterprise Times // Author:  Gordon Stuart At the end of 2019, organizations “finalized” their budgets only for 2020 to remind them that nothing is ever final. In the face of this kind of uncertainty, finance organizations need the ability to plan for the unforeseeable and steer the ship even when the course isn’t […]

The future of managing learning will be through ecosystems and platforms

Source: The Future Shapers Author: Paul Hobcraft I am constantly drawn to ecosystems and platforms as the connecting mechanism that can drive the need for greater collaboration, sharing, and exchanging, and for this, we need to learn a new form of ’emerging’ management practice. Collaborating in collective ways helps break down complexity. To be ready to respond […]

What are the challenges for employers of a distributed work model

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Mylo Kaye COVID-19 has brought us challenges of all kinds. From dealing with lockdown, home-schooling our kids to working from home. And it’s the latter that will be one of the lasting legacies of 2020. We will see marked shift towards a distributed working model for an increasing number of businesses with […]

How Remote Migrations Play Into Continued Business Success

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Mark Rochester The COVID-19 pandemic has forced legions of employees to work remotely. This shift has highlighted the importance of cloud technology to spur digital transformation and enable business continuity. Cloud technologies have proven to be integral to helping companies continue operations and build long-term business while employees work remotely. Given […]

Global Beehive Talk: Julia Goga-Cooke

Source: Global Beehive Author: Hans Gillior Global Beehive Talk with Julia Goga-Cooke – the CEO Academy of Design Thinking. She shares here experience and thoughts about Design Thinking and why companies and organisations succeed in implementing it. In the end – it is all about mindset. Enjoy!

Global Beehive Talk: Mark Leonard

Source: Global Beehive Author: Hans Gillior Global Beehive Talk with Mark Leonard – Director and Researcher at Mindfulness Connect. He has worked closely with Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) to implement mindfulness and study its effects. It was a great talk about collective intelligence, social collaboration and change. Enjoy!


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