Andrew Kallman


Andrew Kallman’s Super Powers: Flow Leadership, Project/Program Management, Enterprise Agile Coach

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International Expert, Author and Enterprise Agile Coach

Andrew delivers world-class guidance, coaching and mentoring to organizations that are pursuing Transformational Journeys; including coaching and mentoring the organization’s leadership in understanding the differences between Agile Transformation (mindsets), Agile Scaling (toolsets, including Agile Roll-outs) and Agile Governance. Many leaders believe all three of these are the same thing and are surprised when they find out otherwise.

– Over thirty-five years of experience leading, transforming, training, coaching and mentoring teams and executives in Europe, the US and Asia.

– Agile Governance transformations moving from Traditional/Waterfall to Agile/Scrum/Flow.

– Enterprise/Executive Agile (including business Agile Portfolios and Programs), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Scrum at Scale and Scaling Agile.

Andrew Kallman