Engagement 4.0: Mindfulness + Design Thinking + Culture Transformation Advisory

According to some polls somewhere by some very important agency, over 73% of people or so worldwide are unhappy with their jobs. They experience no motivation and no engagement at their place of work or in doing what they do or working for whom they work. Unhappy and disengaged workers are a lot less resilient,Continue reading “Engagement 4.0: Mindfulness + Design Thinking + Culture Transformation Advisory”

Addicted to fake news: violation of human dignity

By Prof. dr. mr. Smits. English translation from the Privacyweb site -https://www.privacy-web.nl/artikelen/verslaafd-aan-nepnieuws-inbreuk-op-menselijke-waardigheid – done by staff on Coursera’s MOOC “Privacy in the Western World” by https://www.eitdigital.eu/ Fake news and privacy: obviously, the two have a strong relationship. That is because privacy is inextricably linked to human dignity. The first article of the European Charter ofContinue reading “Addicted to fake news: violation of human dignity”

Three Reasons to Create Peer Pressure – Mark Fritz – Be the leader you want to be faster

When you start making everything more visible (both results and behaviors) within the team, you start to drive peer pressure within the team too. Some leaders don’t like peer pressure as they don’t feel they will not be able to handle the possible conflict that could come with it. Have the courage to make resultsContinue reading “Three Reasons to Create Peer Pressure – Mark Fritz – Be the leader you want to be faster”

Why quarterly capitalism slows innovation down

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Nikolay Sudarikov “Why quarterly capitalism exists Usually, there is a natural conflict of interest between investors, founders, employees, and executives. Far more often than not, when the company becomes public, the founders already sold the majority of their shares, and they can not influence long-term company strategy anymore or indeed pursue theContinue reading “Why quarterly capitalism slows innovation down”

Cost Reduction through correct investments

The Goodwind Company Research I recently had a discussion with a client about how to get better control of an exploding maintenance cost in the IT organization. The fact was that given a fixed IT budget, the cost of maintenance was eating up more and more of the development budget. In fact, it is saidContinue reading “Cost Reduction through correct investments”

Achieve More with Fewer Thoughts…Three Reasons Why!

It’s sounds strange, but true. The successful have fewer thoughts than the unsuccessful, and especially because they can hold important thoughts longer in their mind. Here are three reasons why the successful achieve more with less, and how you can create the behaviors to do the same too. 1. Create a Strong Focus A strong focusContinue reading “Achieve More with Fewer Thoughts…Three Reasons Why!”

UN Global Compact Study | Corporate Sustainability | Accenture

UN Global Compact – Accenture Strategy CEO Study explains the critical role businesses must play to advance Global Goals & corporate sustainability. Read more. Source: UN Global Compact Study | Corporate Sustainability | Accenture

Keys to Successful Leadership Programs

I have run a number of leadership development programs, and led leadership development sessions in business schools across Europe.   These programs get your leaders away from the day to day, and get them thinking about their own development and how they can move their organization forward faster. Here are two keys to make your next leadership development program even moreContinue reading “Keys to Successful Leadership Programs”

Most companies aim to just make their people happy. Here’s where they are often wrong.

by Paul Zak – Professor, Speaker, Entrepreneur Arbejdsglaede. Only the Scandinavian languages have a word for Joy at work; in Danish it is arbejdsglaede. What do the Danes know that most of the world does not? To find out, my team and I spent a week in LasVegas. We weren’t spying on Danes at aContinue reading “Most companies aim to just make their people happy. Here’s where they are often wrong.”

Grow your Business Judgment Pipeline

by Mark Fritz, Leadership Specialist Let’s run a little scenario with you. You lose the best person in your team today…someone you trust their business judgment 90% to make good decisions. The replacement you only trust 30%! How does tomorrow look? Not very good, and only one person/position changed within your team. Here a two key reasons that one ofContinue reading “Grow your Business Judgment Pipeline”

Everything starts with you understanding you

by Mark Fritz, Leadership Specialist How much time do you invest in better understanding yourself? Your own effectiveness and influence with others start with you understanding you. The better you understand yourself, the better able you’ll be to adapt your behavior and approaches to others, thereby increasing your influence with them. Also, it’s your emotionsContinue reading “Everything starts with you understanding you”

The Hard Truth About Scalability: What To Know Before Scaling Up

Source: TheDigitalProjectManager Author: Giovanni Asproni Brace yourself, because I’m about to tell you the hard truth about scalability. We’ll start by getting real about scaling in business: Most scaling efforts fail. So, what’s the secret sauce? How do you scale a team successfully, and why is it so hard? If you have been in theContinue reading “The Hard Truth About Scalability: What To Know Before Scaling Up”

Masculine & Feminine Empowerment at work

Source: FutureShapers Author: Nicola Darke I’m done with patriarchy and I’m done with matriarchy. Can we please co-lead? In order to do this, we need to accept the difference between masculine and feminine approaches, and that they complement each other. We’ll also need to accept that we all have work to do on being our most authenticContinue reading “Masculine & Feminine Empowerment at work”