Björn Hagström

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Björn’s Super Powers: Open Data, Information Management in public sector


The last 4 years I have been focusing alot on open data/PSI both within the municipality of Örebro and with the E-delegation. Openness and tranparency are dear to me and my core beliefs. During this time I created the swedish national guidelines for opening up data from he public sector, they can be found at I also ran the program at the municipality of Örebro that saw to the release of 157 open data sources up until oktober 2015 making Örebro the municipality with the second largest number of open data sources i Sweden.

One particular success was the opening up of meal information, a project that created open data for almost all of the schools in Sweden as a byproduct.

Starting the national coordination of municipal open data with SKL and the municipality of Linköping has also been important and is something I am proud over.

At the E-delegation I was also in charge of the creation of the national web design guidelines for the swedish public sector.

Another big interest of mine is user center design/service design and business impact mapping. Most public organisations do not spend enugh time making sure that what they create is the right thing. This needs to change. I have been working with this since 2006 when I ingtroduced this way of thinking into the team working with web development at the municipality and it was a huge success.

“It is more important to do something right then to do something the right way”

The implication being that if you do the wrong thing in the right way yoy still accomplish nothing…

Björn Hagström