Living in the Disruptive Economy

Source: Global Beehive Author: Hans Gillior During the last couple of years, the concept of ‘disruption’ has been a central theme of digitalization. The idea is that new digital themes and companies will challenges and re-define the rules of an industry or sector. It challenges traditional with ease and threatening those companies unable to adjustContinue reading “Living in the Disruptive Economy”

Why haven’t all businesses adopted the Digital Transformation approach?

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Gerry Tombs The Global Enterprise Mobility Market size is predicted to reach USD 2,804.44 billion by 2030. Fuelling this growth is customer and employee demand for a seamless mobile digital experience in all aspects of their home and working lives. For businesses, it’s a case of adapting or being left in theContinue reading “Why haven’t all businesses adopted the Digital Transformation approach?”

How To Build Trust In Your Client & Business Relationships

Source: TheDigitalProjectManager Author: Mike Clayton What is the most valuable asset any project manager can have? Trust. In this episode, I talk with Mike Clayton, author of 14 print books on project management, about the components of trust—credibility, reliability, intimacy—and how to earn the trust of your colleagues and clients.  A Familiar Example? Here’s anContinue reading “How To Build Trust In Your Client & Business Relationships”

Naturally speaking

Source: FutureShapers Author: Richard Hames In natural systems, physical matter flows in cycles. Nutrients from one form of life become food for another. Organisms live and die, eventually returning to the soil or the sea where the cycle starts again.  Throughout history, but particularly during the industrial revolution, we invented a different modus operandi.  BiomimicryContinue reading “Naturally speaking”

Bigger Tank, Bigger Turtle

Source: FutureShapers Author: Danny Wootton If you buy a young turtle and put it in a small aquarium, it will only grow to the size that fits the tank.  Somehow  creatures are aware of the limitations imposed on them. You see a similar phenomenon in many organisations.  Organisations constrain their employees with rules, bureaucracy andContinue reading “Bigger Tank, Bigger Turtle”

Change and culture – the new competitive advantage

Source: FutureShapers Author: Friska Wirya. Would it surprise you to know best-selling author Dan Pink says we spend 24 minutes of every hour trying to change something?  Someone’s opinions, someone’s behaviors. Yet, Harvard Business Review suggests a staggering 70% of changes fail. Pretty bleak, huh? Change is happening faster, it’s more complex and far reaching than ever. And whatContinue reading “Change and culture – the new competitive advantage”

Abundance – The alternative aesthetic

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Richard Hames By and large we humans are a compliant and gullible lot. We’re socialised into how and what we should think and do by our teachers, politicians and the media. We’re persuaded on the merits or otherwise of matters that should concern us by masters of spin whose craft hinges solely on the manipulation ofContinue reading “Abundance – The alternative aesthetic”

Made in China – Social Credit, Coronavirus, 5G

Source: FutureShapers Author: Nicola Darke Is Coronavirus-19 the catalyst for a UK or even global social credit system? And if so, what would that mean for our productivity, adaptability, freedom and health? The current crisis exposes how moral and social conditioning, high surveillance, low choice, low power and total disconnection from meeting human need leadsContinue reading “Made in China – Social Credit, Coronavirus, 5G”

The Power of Storytelling

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Cherri Holland Storytelling has become synonymous with great leadership and is an effective way to captivate and engage an audience. Storytelling can make complex topics more accessible and can help build positive connections both inside and outside your organisation. In a world of big data and robots interacting withContinue reading “The Power of Storytelling”

Crisis Can Accelerate Change

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Raymond Sheen Publication Date: April 2020 Change is hard, and culture change within an organization can be very hard.  The organizational culture is often infused within the business processes and departmental relationships.  Certain people and departments don’t talk with others.  To get things done, one must follow the rulesContinue reading “Crisis Can Accelerate Change”

Digital Strategy and Roadmap for Global Construction Company

by The Goodwind Company The Goodwind Company was engaged to validate and concretize the current digital strategy in 2018. The work resulted in re-formulating the digital vision and strategy to support units and regions of the construction company to drive the digital transformation. We recognised that the construction sector was rapidly changing and needed aContinue reading “Digital Strategy and Roadmap for Global Construction Company”

How 3 Top Organizations Used Curiosity To Revamp Corporate Culture

By Dr. Diane Hamilton // DigitalProjectManager In a time when organizations struggle to remain innovative, it is imperative to recognize the importance of developing curiosity in employees to achieve growth and even survival. Leaders recognize that status-quo thinking can be problematic, not only to innovation but to the root of their organizational culture. However, even the bestContinue reading “How 3 Top Organizations Used Curiosity To Revamp Corporate Culture”

What is the state of modernization, transformation and innovation?

Source: Enterprise Times by Steve Brooks The summer holiday period is soon upon us and it is time to recharge batteries worn by another stressful year. In the constant demand for increased IT productivity and Boomi has published a report it commissioned from Vanson Bourne. “The State of Modernization, Transformation, and Innovation in the DigitalContinue reading “What is the state of modernization, transformation and innovation?”

Nature and Impact of Digitalization

by Hans Gillior The Nature and Impact of Digitalization (Chapter 1 of coming book: Leading Digital Transformation) “Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.” – Pierre Nanterme It is the age of globalization and digitalization. An era where information, capital, services and production meansContinue reading “Nature and Impact of Digitalization”