Global Beehive Talk: Mathias Cöster

Source: Global Beehive // Author: Hans Gillior Global Beehive Talk with Mathias Cöster – Researcher at Centre for Advanced Studies of Innovative Price models and Uppsala University. Listen to Mathias reflect on digitalization, business/pricing models and its effects on public service. Enjoy!

Global Beehive Talk: Julia Goga-Cooke

Source: Global Beehive Author: Hans Gillior Global Beehive Talk with Julia Goga-Cooke – the CEO Academy of Design Thinking. She shares here experience and thoughts about Design Thinking and why companies and organisations succeed in implementing it. In the end – it is all about mindset. Enjoy!

Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell

Survival in the digital world – a matter of IT maturity! “It is important to understand that the battle of the future market shares will not be based on stability or cost efficiency but rather on the company’s (primarily the IT organization’s) ability to adapt to the new digital landscape.” I see the problem. WhenContinue reading “Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell”

The Future of the Digital Workforce

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Hans Gillior A year ago, the Dagens Nyheter (leading Swedish newspaper) launched an article stating that 40% of all current jobs will be replaced by digital technology by 2025. It is a scenario describing the true effects of digitalization that will re-shape the whole society, economics and politics. TheContinue reading “The Future of the Digital Workforce”

Health Data for Precision Medicine

Developing technology for patient data collection, protection and sharing. By Svitlana Sudorina, R&D HealthTech, FinTech. CEO of Skein Group THE CHALLENGE Skein worked with the University of Oxford’s Digitally Enabled Preventative Health research group on defining the requirements and developing technology for patient data collection and analysis. It aimed at addressing the critical challenge ofContinue reading “Health Data for Precision Medicine”