Building the Foundations of Effective Data Protection Compliance

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Adam Strange Achieving compliance across a wealth of new international data privacy laws and regulations is a growing challenge, with many organisations struggling to keep pace. A significant number still have not yet invested in data discovery and classification in their efforts to help fulfil compliance obligations. Add to this the open systems that employeesContinue reading “Building the Foundations of Effective Data Protection Compliance”

We Consumers are Fickle, But Security is No Whim

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Jessica Carroll One… Two… Three… …And then you’re gone. We consumers will wait about 3 seconds for a webpage to load and if it takes longer, we’ll abandon it and move on. We are impatient multi-taskers, and with so many digital options whether it’s websites, applications or social mediaContinue reading “We Consumers are Fickle, But Security is No Whim”

Health Data for Precision Medicine

Developing technology for patient data collection, protection and sharing. By Svitlana Sudorina, R&D HealthTech, FinTech. CEO of Skein Group THE CHALLENGE Skein worked with the University of Oxford’s Digitally Enabled Preventative Health research group on defining the requirements and developing technology for patient data collection and analysis. It aimed at addressing the critical challenge ofContinue reading “Health Data for Precision Medicine”