Creating an innovation strategy is a team effort!

Source: FutureShapers Author: Dan Toma An inclusive and consensual approach to developing bold innovation strategies is needed. Why, you ask? Historically speaking, strategy formulation was an activity reserved for a select group of individuals in an organisation or external consultants.  Starting in the 80’s the strategy development process was professionalised as it evolved from theContinue reading “Creating an innovation strategy is a team effort!”

Innovation Archetypes: What kind of innovator are you?

Source: FutureShapers Author: Simon Hill We use archetypes in many walks of life: to provide context, assign a character or personality or define a brand. Definition:Archetype [ar ki taip] noun original pattern from which copies are made; a perfect specimen or example, after which others are copied; a model, type or prototype. When talking aboutContinue reading “Innovation Archetypes: What kind of innovator are you?”

Why the fast not the big dominate the future

Source: FutureShapers Author: Nate Nasralla The shared concern of 78 different innovation teams. I spent the last three months meeting with 78 different Fortune 500 innovation teams (yes, lots of Zoom calls). These innovators came from dozens of regions and industries, yet they all revealed one shared concern. “How do we make a case forContinue reading “Why the fast not the big dominate the future”

Achieve More with Fewer Thoughts…Three Reasons Why!

It’s sounds strange, but true. The successful have fewer thoughts than the unsuccessful, and especially because they can hold important thoughts longer in their mind. Here are three reasons why the successful achieve more with less, and how you can create the behaviors to do the same too. 1. Create a Strong Focus A strong focusContinue reading “Achieve More with Fewer Thoughts…Three Reasons Why!”

Keys to Successful Leadership Programs

I have run a number of leadership development programs, and led leadership development sessions in business schools across Europe.   These programs get your leaders away from the day to day, and get them thinking about their own development and how they can move their organization forward faster. Here are two keys to make your next leadership development program even moreContinue reading “Keys to Successful Leadership Programs”

Grow your Business Judgment Pipeline

by Mark Fritz, Leadership Specialist Let’s run a little scenario with you. You lose the best person in your team today…someone you trust their business judgment 90% to make good decisions. The replacement you only trust 30%! How does tomorrow look? Not very good, and only one person/position changed within your team. Here a two key reasons that one ofContinue reading “Grow your Business Judgment Pipeline”

Everything starts with you understanding you

by Mark Fritz, Leadership Specialist How much time do you invest in better understanding yourself? Your own effectiveness and influence with others start with you understanding you. The better you understand yourself, the better able you’ll be to adapt your behavior and approaches to others, thereby increasing your influence with them. Also, it’s your emotionsContinue reading “Everything starts with you understanding you”

There’s a big, fat cat outside: The power of motivation

Source: FutureShapers – Author: Tomislav Buljubašić When my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Oliver, does not want to go outside to the backyard, I must yell a motivational sentence: “There’s a big, fat cat outside!”. Then he becomes mad and can’t wait for me to open the door to let him outside. He runs asContinue reading “There’s a big, fat cat outside: The power of motivation”