Most companies aim to just make their people happy. Here’s where they are often wrong.

by Paul Zak – Professor, Speaker, Entrepreneur Arbejdsglaede. Only the Scandinavian languages have a word for Joy at work; in Danish it is arbejdsglaede. What do the Danes know that most of the world does not? To find out, my team and I spent a week in LasVegas. We weren’t spying on Danes at aContinue reading “Most companies aim to just make their people happy. Here’s where they are often wrong.”

Fostering sustainable collaboration with insights from neuroscience

Source: FutureShapers Author: Andreas Penzel Organisations have to master dynamic changes both on the outside and on the inside. The role of collaboration becomes increasingly important in today’s (business) world. Insights in the field of neuroscience can help leaders, managers and innovators to learn what needs to be done and what to avoid in developingContinue reading “Fostering sustainable collaboration with insights from neuroscience”

Storytelling That Moves People

“The great irony of existence is that what makes life worth living does not come from the rosy side. We would all rather be lotus-eaters, but life will not allow it. The energy to live comes from the dark side. It comes from everything that makes us suffer. As we struggle against these negative powers,Continue reading “Storytelling That Moves People”

Mindfulness, Wisdom and Compassion as Social Change

by Mark Leonard “…to become free you have to become acutely aware of being a slave.” Assata Shakur, civil rights activist. I’ve been teaching a series of “Mindfulness+Community” courses where I live, as a pilot to create a sense of community with mindfulness meditation at its heart. This programme is adapted from Mindfulness-Based Organisational EductionContinue reading “Mindfulness, Wisdom and Compassion as Social Change”

Digital Transformation and The Battle of Biology!

By Hans Gillior, Institute for Digital Transformation fellow I remember a spirited discussion with a couple of senior managers around the topic of IT governance and innovation. The organization was undergoing drastic changes to address the threats of digitalization (in terms of innovation, unpredictability and changed customer behaviour) and innovation was on the agenda andContinue reading “Digital Transformation and The Battle of Biology!”

Brains at Work: A Happiness check

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Cherri Holland Publication Date: June 2018 Surely ALL leaders want the best results and many want employees to be happy as well. Are the two linked? For over 25 years, we have known that brains produce their best work when in a situation of stimulation PLUS safety. (I amContinue reading “Brains at Work: A Happiness check”

The Neuroscience of Trust

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE by Paul Zak, From the HBR January–February 2017 Issue Companies are twisting themselves into knots to empower and challenge their employees. They’re anxious about the sad state of engagement, and rightly so, given the value they’re losing. Consider Gallup’s meta-analysis of decades’ worth of data: It shows that high engagement—defined largely as having a strongContinue reading “The Neuroscience of Trust”