Naturally speaking

Source: FutureShapers Author: Richard Hames In natural systems, physical matter flows in cycles. Nutrients from one form of life become food for another. Organisms live and die, eventually returning to the soil or the sea where the cycle starts again.  Throughout history, but particularly during the industrial revolution, we invented a different modus operandi.  BiomimicryContinue reading “Naturally speaking”

Fear of the light

Source: FutureShapers Author: Richard Hames We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light ~ Plato Honest, sensitive, overpowering. His words leapt off the page – etched into my lingering anxieties about the immediate future of humanity, set against theContinue reading “Fear of the light”

Abundance – The alternative aesthetic

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Richard Hames By and large we humans are a compliant and gullible lot. We’re socialised into how and what we should think and do by our teachers, politicians and the media. We’re persuaded on the merits or otherwise of matters that should concern us by masters of spin whose craft hinges solely on the manipulation ofContinue reading “Abundance – The alternative aesthetic”

UN Global Compact Study | Corporate Sustainability | Accenture

UN Global Compact – Accenture Strategy CEO Study explains the critical role businesses must play to advance Global Goals & corporate sustainability. Read more. Source: UN Global Compact Study | Corporate Sustainability | Accenture

Keys to Successful Leadership Programs

I have run a number of leadership development programs, and led leadership development sessions in business schools across Europe.   These programs get your leaders away from the day to day, and get them thinking about their own development and how they can move their organization forward faster. Here are two keys to make your next leadership development program even moreContinue reading “Keys to Successful Leadership Programs”

The Social Brain: Who is making a monkey of us?

Published by Mark Leonard Director, Mindfulness Connected and Strategic Partner at Talik & Co The primary mechanism of the human ‘social brain’ is evolved to enable us to cooperate, care for each other and to do this we need to build long-term intimate attachments to others. It is taboo to tell others (including children) whatContinue reading “The Social Brain: Who is making a monkey of us?”

Whatever Next!

Source: FutureShapers Author: Richard Hames As a child, whenever we were caught on the hop, or something untoward occurred, my mother would exclaim in a somewhat apprehensive voice, Whatever next! Nothing of any consequence ever did happen next. Unlike today.  Intent to survive With disruption now commonplace, astonishing events pile up like chords in the finale ofContinue reading “Whatever Next!”

Storytelling That Moves People

“The great irony of existence is that what makes life worth living does not come from the rosy side. We would all rather be lotus-eaters, but life will not allow it. The energy to live comes from the dark side. It comes from everything that makes us suffer. As we struggle against these negative powers,Continue reading “Storytelling That Moves People”

Sustainability & good government of the territories

Original Title: The allegory of good government through the ages by Rodolphe Deborre Originally published on: Future Shapers As a leader cultivated from the past, you might find yourself curious to build a prosperous future, especially in the pressing times we currently find ourselves in. The word prosperous quite aptly translates to “better days” takenContinue reading “Sustainability & good government of the territories”