Global Beehive Toolbox

Free Toolbox for Digital Professional!

Open source toolbox for Digital Professionals. It is based on the latest research and developed by a network of digital professionals, consultants, experts, and thought leaders.

Change Readiness Tool – Enhancing the organisation’s change capabilities and ensuring successful change

Information Management Tool – Enabling business ambitions with effective information management.

Value Capabilities Tool – Accelerating value creation and delivery to customer and citizens in a digital landscape

Responsive Governance Tool – Supporting organisations to react faster to new trends and opportunities in the society.

Innovation Management Tool – Improving innovation management and ensuring great business value creation

Robotic Process Automation Tool – Accelerating business value creation of Robotic Process Automation initiatives

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Change Readiness Tool

Download Change Readiness Tool to boost change management in your organization. Developed by experts in Change Management aligned with academic research and renowned frameworks.


About Global Beehive Toolbox

Global Beehive Toolbox is a best practice framework addressing the true challenges of digital transformation. It has been developed by a network of experts, thought-leaders, and senior consultants – based on more than 20 years of research and consulting. The Global Beehive Toolbox is a light and free version of the complete GooDIGITAL Framework. The Global Beehive Toolbox is not allowed to use for commercial purposes without the approval of Global Beehive.