Institute for Digital Transformation

Institute for Digital Transformation

To help develop the next generation of transformational digital leaders who can transform our organizations for the digital era.

Through our network of Institute Fellows, we explore the impacts on companies and their leaders as we transition from the Industrial to the Digital Era. Based on actual experiences and industry research, we produce a wide range of insightful and thought-provoking content and services. All of which prepares leaders for the Digital Era and guides them in transforming their companies into Digital Enterprises.

Contact Information: Frank Granito / Institute for Digital Transformation Director.

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Live Virtual Workshop

The Institute has partnered with to offer many of our Workshops virtually. Virtual Workshops typically run 2-3 hours with 16 to 25 participants. Our initial workshop is on the Digital Skills required in a Digital Enterprise. This workshop will be available mid-January. Multiple Institute Fellows are in the process of developing additional workshops to be offered by the Institute via

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Digital Readiness Framework

The Institute has developed an analytical Model that will objectively measure the “Readiness” of an organization’s ability to change. We refer to this model as the Four Dimensions of Digital Readiness.The model was developed using data gathered over the past decade of working with companies undergoing change and collected as part of multiple research projects. Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Frank Granito, combined this data with other academic studies to develop our current model Areas of investigation: Operational Sustainability, Organizational Agility, Strategic Agility, and Disruptive Culture.

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Institute Fellows

IDT’s Institute Fellows are Industry Experts who share their insights, opinions, research and real life experiences about the transition from the Industrial Era to the Digital Era. They each have a unique set of experiences and perspectives and offer their unique voice to help you understand the world that is shifting around you and what you must do to survive the transition and thrive in the Digital Era.

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Digital Research & Webcasts

The Institute for Digital Transformation foster numerous research projects to understand the nature of digital transformation. The Institute was launched the Snapshot Research together (with The Goodwind Company) to take the temperature on digital transformation in companies and organisations. The result is displayed in the Snapshot Research Brief on Institute for Digital Transformation youtube channel (see below)

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Snapshot Research – The Pandemic and the Next Normal

by Hans Gillior Welcome to SnapShot Research – innovative research capturing the current state of mind of the digital professional. It is research powered by The Institute for Digital Transformation with an ambition to define and analyze the current status, progress, and challenges of digital transformation. The SnapShot research will be released on a monthly […]

Digital Transformation and The Battle of Biology!

By Hans Gillior, Institute for Digital Transformation fellow I remember a spirited discussion with a couple of senior managers around the topic of IT governance and innovation. The organization was undergoing drastic changes to address the threats of digitalization (in terms of innovation, unpredictability and changed customer behaviour) and innovation was on the agenda and […]

Brains at Work: A Happiness check

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Cherri Holland Publication Date: June 2018 Surely ALL leaders want the best results and many want employees to be happy as well. Are the two linked? For over 25 years, we have known that brains produce their best work when in a situation of stimulation PLUS safety. (I am […]