Karl Dickson


Karl’s Super Powers: Java with tangible technologies, methods and processes

Background:  Consultant and Facilitator the border between customer’s management and developer. Long experience of mentoring. Karl has been building IT-companies since 1999, worked within IT development since end of 1980’s with exam in Mathematics and Computer Science. […]

IT Management Advisor and Computer Scientist

Karl works in close contact with customers and partners to create optimal solutions.

Karl has worked with systems development since the 1980s and has a solid background in IT with a master’s degree in computer science. During the latter part of the 1990s he worked in Silicon Valley, and since 1999 he has again made Stockholm his base, where he has a large contact network. Karl has held many roles in the IT industry both as a consultant and in senior positions.

Karl is genuinely interested in computer science and systems development, and he is continuously training with consultants to ensure that they are able to present solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

He also has been a writer for IDG since 2016 within the framework of their Expert Network. Here you can find the titles of some Karl’s best articles:

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°Therefore, tasks often take longer than you think
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°Here are the problems that not even the smartest developer can solve
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Karl Dickson