Ove Bristrand

NetIntegrate Sweden

Ove’s Super Powers: Cloud Services, Online Training, GDPR

Certifications:  University of Oxford Master in Business Administration, Finance and Entrepreneurship. Winner of the SAID Foundation Scholarship […]

Managing Director, Senior Cloud Advisor

My passion is to travel, ski downhill, hiking, I would like to mix that with work.

My task is to be an advisor to companies on how to adopt Microsoft Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. The most important factor to success is getting adoption from the employees as the users of the ICT systems.

I founded NetIntegrate on the vision “Online all the time, anywhere with anything”.

I am deeply committed to sharing knowledge in working digital. I have during my years in the ICT business seen to many systems put into production without training the users. Many companies claim their workforce is the biggest asset and still don´’t invest in them. Training is an investment, you can be at least 10 minutes more efficient each day by knowledge from training. This will save you a workweek every year for every employee.

My customers tell me I can explain ICT in plain language and explain business value of ICT.

Ove Bristrand