Abundance – The alternative aesthetic

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Richard Hames By and large we humans are a compliant and gullible lot. We’re socialised into how and what we should think and do by our teachers, politicians and the media. We’re persuaded on the merits or otherwise of matters that should concern us by masters of spin whose craft hinges solely on the manipulation ofContinue reading “Abundance – The alternative aesthetic”

Get your idea funded by questioning power dynamics

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Bruno Pešec Throughout our lives we participate in a number of organisations. Sometimes willingly, consciously, and visibly. Sometimes, not so much. But today  I want to focus on perhaps the most formal organisations that permeate our livelihood – companies. In Happiness at Work, Jessica Pryce-Jones claims that an average person spends at least 90Continue reading “Get your idea funded by questioning power dynamics”

Is investing in innovation worth it?

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Bruno Pešec Every morning I take one A6 index card and write down my daily to-dos. One grey and rainy morning a thought passed through my mind. What do academics think about investing in innovation?  On any other morning I’d allow this thought to pass. But not that morning. That time I felt masochistic enough toContinue reading “Is investing in innovation worth it?”

Why quarterly capitalism slows innovation down

Source: FutureShapers Author:  Nikolay Sudarikov “Why quarterly capitalism exists Usually, there is a natural conflict of interest between investors, founders, employees, and executives. Far more often than not, when the company becomes public, the founders already sold the majority of their shares, and they can not influence long-term company strategy anymore or indeed pursue theContinue reading “Why quarterly capitalism slows innovation down”