Bigger Tank, Bigger Turtle

Source: FutureShapers Author: Danny Wootton If you buy a young turtle and put it in a small aquarium, it will only grow to the size that fits the tank.  Somehow  creatures are aware of the limitations imposed on them. You see a similar phenomenon in many organisations.  Organisations constrain their employees with rules, bureaucracy andContinue reading “Bigger Tank, Bigger Turtle”

Change and culture – the new competitive advantage

Source: FutureShapers Author: Friska Wirya. Would it surprise you to know best-selling author Dan Pink says we spend 24 minutes of every hour trying to change something?  Someone’s opinions, someone’s behaviors. Yet, Harvard Business Review suggests a staggering 70% of changes fail. Pretty bleak, huh? Change is happening faster, it’s more complex and far reaching than ever. And whatContinue reading “Change and culture – the new competitive advantage”

Is your culture/people prepared for the cloud?

Source: Enterprise Times  Author:  Frances Fawcett More and more organisations are embracing the potential offered by solutions based in the cloud. The possibility is there to streamline most aspects of their business and integrate separate systems that should have been talking to each other years ago. Alongside this, they are also finding internal cultural changesContinue reading “Is your culture/people prepared for the cloud?”

Crisis Can Accelerate Change

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Raymond Sheen Publication Date: April 2020 Change is hard, and culture change within an organization can be very hard.  The organizational culture is often infused within the business processes and departmental relationships.  Certain people and departments don’t talk with others.  To get things done, one must follow the rulesContinue reading “Crisis Can Accelerate Change”