How Remote Migrations Play Into Continued Business Success

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Mark Rochester The COVID-19 pandemic has forced legions of employees to work remotely. This shift has highlighted the importance of cloud technology to spur digital transformation and enable business continuity. Cloud technologies have proven to be integral to helping companies continue operations and build long-term business while employees work remotely. GivenContinue reading “How Remote Migrations Play Into Continued Business Success”

Building the Foundations of Effective Data Protection Compliance

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Adam Strange Achieving compliance across a wealth of new international data privacy laws and regulations is a growing challenge, with many organisations struggling to keep pace. A significant number still have not yet invested in data discovery and classification in their efforts to help fulfil compliance obligations. Add to this the open systems that employeesContinue reading “Building the Foundations of Effective Data Protection Compliance”

The Threat of Digital Business Models

Source: Global Beehive Author: Hans Gillior What happened? We suddenly live in a society in full motion into a digital unknown – affecting all aspects of our lives. What we know is that the way we consume, communicate and interact is undergoing rapid change with the help of digital technology. The role of institutions suchContinue reading “The Threat of Digital Business Models”

What Role Will Cryptocurrencies Play In The Future Of E-commerce?

Source: Enterprise Times Author: David Adams Cryptocurrencies, often interchanged with digital currencies, refers to a decentralized digital payment platform outside of the control of a government or central bank. Users from all over the world can securely and anonymously transact with each other. Multiple exchanges like help people legally buy and sell one or more ofContinue reading “What Role Will Cryptocurrencies Play In The Future Of E-commerce?”

Living in the Disruptive Economy

Source: Global Beehive Author: Hans Gillior During the last couple of years, the concept of ‘disruption’ has been a central theme of digitalization. The idea is that new digital themes and companies will challenges and re-define the rules of an industry or sector. It challenges traditional with ease and threatening those companies unable to adjustContinue reading “Living in the Disruptive Economy”

Why haven’t all businesses adopted the Digital Transformation approach?

Source: Enterprise Times Author: Gerry Tombs The Global Enterprise Mobility Market size is predicted to reach USD 2,804.44 billion by 2030. Fuelling this growth is customer and employee demand for a seamless mobile digital experience in all aspects of their home and working lives. For businesses, it’s a case of adapting or being left in theContinue reading “Why haven’t all businesses adopted the Digital Transformation approach?”

Digital governance – or die!

The Goodwind Company Research Hans Gillior “Success in the digital landscape is not for believers but for those how invest in their own analysis and know the digital business. Those who dare to innovate on all levels and challenge their “selected truths” and their heritage. The question is what you believe in?” A couple ofContinue reading “Digital governance – or die!”

Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell

Survival in the digital world – a matter of IT maturity! “It is important to understand that the battle of the future market shares will not be based on stability or cost efficiency but rather on the company’s (primarily the IT organization’s) ability to adapt to the new digital landscape.” I see the problem. WhenContinue reading “Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell”

IT fatigue – threat to IT performance!

The Goodwind Company Research “In our quest for productivity gains, we have paralyzes the heart of the company (IT) to secure future competitiveness in the digital landscape.” During the last year, I have met a number of CIOs and IT managers to discuss the effects of digitalization on the IT organization. It is well knownContinue reading “IT fatigue – threat to IT performance!”

Crisis Can Accelerate Change

Source: Institute for Digital Transformation  Author: Raymond Sheen Publication Date: April 2020 Change is hard, and culture change within an organization can be very hard.  The organizational culture is often infused within the business processes and departmental relationships.  Certain people and departments don’t talk with others.  To get things done, one must follow the rulesContinue reading “Crisis Can Accelerate Change”