Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell

Survival in the digital world – a matter of IT maturity! “It is important to understand that the battle of the future market shares will not be based on stability or cost efficiency but rather on the company’s (primarily the IT organization’s) ability to adapt to the new digital landscape.” I see the problem. WhenContinue reading “Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell”

IT fatigue – threat to IT performance!

The Goodwind Company Research “In our quest for productivity gains, we have paralyzes the heart of the company (IT) to secure future competitiveness in the digital landscape.” During the last year, I have met a number of CIOs and IT managers to discuss the effects of digitalization on the IT organization. It is well knownContinue reading “IT fatigue – threat to IT performance!”

Nature and Impact of Digitalization

by Hans Gillior The Nature and Impact of Digitalization (Chapter 1 of coming book: Leading Digital Transformation) “Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.” – Pierre Nanterme It is the age of globalization and digitalization. An era where information, capital, services and production meansContinue reading “Nature and Impact of Digitalization”

Summertime – time to make a difference on IT strategic planning!

by Hans Gillior The summer holiday period is soon upon us and it is time to recharge batteries worn by another stressful year. In the constant demand for increased IT productivity and change, the demand placed on the IT staff is increasing to dangerous levels. The last month before vacation is extra stressful with deliveries,Continue reading “Summertime – time to make a difference on IT strategic planning!”