UN Global Compact Study | Corporate Sustainability | Accenture

UN Global Compact – Accenture Strategy CEO Study explains the critical role businesses must play to advance Global Goals & corporate sustainability. Read more. Source: UN Global Compact Study | Corporate Sustainability | Accenture

AI and Human Centricity – Resetting Our Power Dynamic

Source: FutureShapers Author: Nicola Darke If we all believe a core benefit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to enable human value add capability, why are so few organisations or governments doing anything to foster it? Because turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. You see, what no one is talking about is the fact that human valueContinue reading “AI and Human Centricity – Resetting Our Power Dynamic”

Whatever Next!

Source: FutureShapers Author: Richard Hames As a child, whenever we were caught on the hop, or something untoward occurred, my mother would exclaim in a somewhat apprehensive voice, Whatever next! Nothing of any consequence ever did happen next. Unlike today.  Intent to survive With disruption now commonplace, astonishing events pile up like chords in the finale ofContinue reading “Whatever Next!”

Sustainability & good government of the territories

Original Title: The allegory of good government through the ages by Rodolphe Deborre Originally published on: Future Shapers As a leader cultivated from the past, you might find yourself curious to build a prosperous future, especially in the pressing times we currently find ourselves in. The word prosperous quite aptly translates to “better days” takenContinue reading “Sustainability & good government of the territories”