Revealing an organisation’s true colours

Source: The Future Shapers Author: Hannah Keartland Surrounded by flashing lights and pumping music, the CEO stood on stage and announced “we’re innovative – we are the future”!  Memories of Steve Jobs! But when we looked at examples of projects that genuinely pushed the boundaries of the strategy, they’d all been stopped or reshaped toContinue reading “Revealing an organisation’s true colours”

Bigger Tank, Bigger Turtle

Source: FutureShapers Author: Danny Wootton If you buy a young turtle and put it in a small aquarium, it will only grow to the size that fits the tank.  Somehow  creatures are aware of the limitations imposed on them. You see a similar phenomenon in many organisations.  Organisations constrain their employees with rules, bureaucracy andContinue reading “Bigger Tank, Bigger Turtle”

Change and culture – the new competitive advantage

Source: FutureShapers Author: Friska Wirya. Would it surprise you to know best-selling author Dan Pink says we spend 24 minutes of every hour trying to change something?  Someone’s opinions, someone’s behaviors. Yet, Harvard Business Review suggests a staggering 70% of changes fail. Pretty bleak, huh? Change is happening faster, it’s more complex and far reaching than ever. And whatContinue reading “Change and culture – the new competitive advantage”

Kokoro: Mastering the Transformation Basics is Simple, it’s just not Easy!

Author: Andrew Kallman Watching the leadership of organizations make the same mistakes, over-and-over again is, well, definitely not encouraging. One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over again, yet expecting different results the next time around. I believe it was Einstein that made that observation; and, it’s still true today. OneContinue reading “Kokoro: Mastering the Transformation Basics is Simple, it’s just not Easy!”

Strategy is about creating corporate memories of the future

Source: FutureShapers Author: Ron Immink I love strategy. I think everything is strategy. My favourite book is “33 strategies of war”, but I am also a big fan of Kenichi Ohmae (found a paperback “The Mind of the Strategist” in my office recently), and I loved “Thriving on chaos” by Tom Peters. Long term thinkingContinue reading “Strategy is about creating corporate memories of the future”