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The Goodwind Company is your partner in Digital Transformation – combining research, advisory and training to achieve sustainable value acceleration and change. At Goodwind, we believe in addressing root causes to the digital challenges and creating sustainable change. Goodwind starts where other consultancy firms fail to deliver results!


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GooDIGITAL Framework 1.4 New Release!!

Reveals why some companies and organisations are more successful than others in Digital Transformation The GooDIGITAL Framework has been developed by a network of experts, thought-leaders and senior consultants in digital transformation – based on more than 100 years of research and consulting. Innovative Business Model: We believe in the power of employees to manage […]

Data Privacy (GDPR) Maturity Assessment

The European Union launched the Data Privacy Act (GDPR) in 2016 to protect the data integrity of its citizens. The GDPR act went live May 2018 but still many organisations are struggling to understand and comply with the GDPR requirements. Not complying to the requirements will potentially result in a heavy fee equals of 4% […]

Agile Way of Working (SAFe) Maturity Assessment

The Agile Way of Working (SAFe) has become the new business/IT operating model for the digital company. However, studying implementations of SAFe/Agile has highlighted organisation’s inability to deliver the promised efficiency and value creation for business. In fact, the success rate of agile methodology is currently around 30-40 percent. The Goodwind Company has acknowledge the […]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Assessment

The Robotic Process Automation Assessment is a result of in-depth research of over 30 RPA implementation and investigating how these implementation delivers value to business. The assessment is a unique concept with business focus. The research shows that the average RPA implementation delivers approximately 40-50% of its potential business value delivery potential. The root cause […]

The Goodwind Company articles

Stuck in Operational Excellence Hell

Survival in the digital world – a matter of IT maturity! “It is important to understand that the battle of the future market shares will not be based on stability or cost efficiency but rather on the company’s (primarily the IT organization’s) ability to adapt to the new digital landscape.” I see the problem. When […]

IT fatigue – threat to IT performance!

The Goodwind Company Research “In our quest for productivity gains, we have paralyzes the heart of the company (IT) to secure future competitiveness in the digital landscape.” During the last year, I have met a number of CIOs and IT managers to discuss the effects of digitalization on the IT organization. It is well known […]

Nature and Impact of Digitalization

by Hans Gillior The Nature and Impact of Digitalization (Chapter 1 of coming book: Leading Digital Transformation) “Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.” – Pierre Nanterme It is the age of globalization and digitalization. An era where information, capital, services and production means […]


Digital Strategy and Roadmap for Global Construction Company

by The Goodwind Company The Goodwind Company was engaged to validate and concretize the current digital strategy in 2018. The work resulted in re-formulating the digital vision and strategy to support units and regions of the construction company to drive the digital transformation. We recognised that the construction sector was rapidly changing and needed a […]